Scheduling Sucks: Here are three ways Pick can save you time.

#1 – Someone emails you, wants to meet. 

How much time have you wasted messaging back and forth with your contacts while you drill down on a time to meet? With Pick, you can reduce the pain significantly. Every Pick user receives a custom Link which allows you to share your availability with anyone in the world who can then find time on your calendar. Here’s how it works:

  • You receive an email from a colleague who wants to meet next week to discuss a proposal.
  • No problem! Just send them your availability: “Hi Susan, sounds good. Lets shoot for the end of next week. Here is my availability:”
  • Susan clicks on your Link, and schedules a meeting with you in a few seconds because you have avoided the back & forth. Here is what it looks like:

Number 1

#2 – You want to meet with a top customer.

The real magic of Pick happens when your contacts are also on the platform. This way, Pick can look into everyone’s calendar real-time and tell you when you are all free.

After you’ve signed up for Pick, go to the “Invite Contacts” tab and invite the top 5-10 people you meet with regularly to join Pick. This way, you will always have real-time access to each others availability and can avoid the back & forth of scheduling!

Its easy to tell who is on Pick because they have a “Member” badge below their name in you Pick contact list:

Number 2

Now that your important contacts are on Pick, scheduling takes seconds.

  1. Go to on your desktop or open the Pick app on your iPhone.
  2. Select your customer (who is also a Member) in your contact list.
  3. Select how long you want to meet for.
  4. This is where Pick looks into everyone’s calendar real-time and shows you a list of times that work. You then Pick a time.
  5. The last step is Meeting Details. Enter location or a phone number for the meeting, along with any notes and hit send. You are done!
  6. Pick will send an invitation email and calendar invite to all parties.

Congrats! You have just completed in a few seconds, what normally takes hours or days.

Here is a video of Pick in action

#3 – You’re hiring, and are looking for candidates. 

LinkedIn is where most hiring managers or recruiters reach out to candidates, so lets use that in our example. Here is how Pick can help:

  • Find some awesome candidates through a filtered search on LinkedIn.
  • Send them a note on LinkedIn telling them about your amazing company with a suggestion to meet:
    • “Hi Angie – You have an awesome background, we are changing the world. Let’s meet and discuss next week. Here is my availability:”
  • This way, instead of losing momentum by starting a thread and stretching out the time until you hop on a call, your prospective candidate books time on your calendar instantly!
  • This works just as well with potential customers.

Number 3

Congrats! Now you are a Pick power user. Click here to start scheduling today.

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